Donna Woodley’s works discuss the relationship between Black culture and American culture. Exploring black significance, presence, and navigation within American spaces is what primarily represents her themes. Informed by stereotypes, cultural similarities and differences, perceptions of beauty, mental and physical health, and esteem, Donna’s work often includes humor representing her use of the coping tool to manage trauma.

Donna was named Nashville’s Best New Artist in 2016 by the Nashville Scene’s annual “Best Of” issue. She was a featured artist for the Representative John Lewis Mural project installed in downtown Nashville, TN. Donna has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her achievements include the award-winning group exhibition We Count: First Time Voters at The Frist Art Museum. And she has commissioned works in the Vanderbilt University’s Trailblazers Initiative collection and the Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center collection. She is a resident of Nashville, TN where she teaches at Tennessee State University and maintains her studio practice.